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Property Pathways :: Turn Heads with a Sharp Microwave Drawer

The Sharp microwave drawer is relatively new on the kitchen design scene, but in that fairly small amount of time it has made some big waves. What makes this microwave design so unique is where it sits. Instead of sitting on your countertop, or being installed overhead into your cabinetry, the sharp microwave drawer is installed beneath your countertop, and works just like you'd expect a drawer to operate. Instead of the swinging door you find on standard microwave ovens, the microwave drawer slides open, drawer style, giving you access to the oven from above. The Sharp Microwave Drawer Saves Space Why, you ask, would you want a microwave drawer in the first place? Two reasons. The first is that the drawer styling saves valuable countertop and cabinet space by being installed beneath the countertop instead of on top of it. It becomes a seamless addition to your kitchen cabinetry instead of an awkward, bulky, appliance taking up room on your kitchen countertop. It's Convenient, Too! The other reason homeowners are drawn to the microwave drawer is convenience. If you're tired of reaching up high and balancing hot casserole dishes as you pull them from your overhead microwave, this is the microwave solution for you. A microwave drawer is right there at countertop level, making it nearly effortless to reach in and pull out hot dishes, mugs, plates, and snacks. And you won't have to traverse across the kitchen for a place to set your dish down, either, since the microwave drawer sits right beneath your kitchen countertop to start with. Great for Kids A final reason the microwave drawer has turned some heads is that it's very kid-friendly. Overhead microwaves, and even countertop models, can be serious dangers to younger children pulling out hot beverages or dishes from high above. With the microwave drawer, however, the microwave has been lowered to kid level, making it safer to cook up everything from mac & cheese to popcorn. If you've got children in the home who are old enough to use a microwave, this is a microwave style you should definitely consider. Don't Cook Much? Purchase a Model with a Range Top If you're a microwave chef and rarely use your oven, you can save even more space in your kitchen by installing a Sharp microwave drawer with a range top, allowing you to get rid of that Stone Age oven altogether. This attractive feature can open up quite a bit more space for cabinet storage, especially in cramped kitchens where space it at a premium. Microwave Drawer Installation Probably the only drawback of a microwave drawer is installation. It does require quite a bit more knowledge and craftsmanship to install than just dropping a traditional unit on the counter and plugging it in. That being the case, talk to a contractor experienced in cabinetry or kitchen remodeling about what it's going to take to get a microwave drawer installed into your home. Who knows, this simple addition might end up inspiring a larger kitchen improvement project, such as installing that island you've always wanted or updating your cabinets altogether. The sky's the limit, and the future in microwaves is the Sharp microwave drawer.
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