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Why Artificial Grass In London Is The Future

When you live in a big city, especially one as intensively urban as Greater London is, it can be difficult to find peace and tranquillity in green, outdoor spaces. Thats not to say that the hubbub of noise, people, and 24-hour living are things that our country doesnt enjoy that simply isnt true; but finding a place to escape to is just as important.

This fact is true no matter what your age. Kids will always be looking for a park to have a kick about with their friends, people searching for places to walk their dogs, couples looking for somewhere to picnic, somewhere to go for a run, for a Bootcamp class, for an afternoon stroll and so much more.

There are plenty of parks in London Hyde Park, Regents Park, St. Jamess Park, Hampstead Heath, Clapham Common and much more to boot but given the size of Greater London, these are relatively few and far between.

There are schools and nurseries in inner-city London that are educating the next generations without access to real greenery. Sure, the concrete playgrounds and recess areas on the rooftops of London schools do not fit hand in hand with the notion that we need to work hard and then play hard.

With such limited available space, however, is there a solution that could work? The answer is yes: artificial grass London style.

The flexible, dynamic and durable nature of fake lawns like this means that they can be used in a back garden, on a rooftop, on a balcony or even indoors to give a sense of the great outdoors no matter where you live.

With great aesthetics come great benefits. Alongside not needing to water, fertilise or mow a fake lawn, there are no muddy footprints, no patchy and worn areas and no risk of grass stained school uniforms for parents to wash, either.

Just like the real thing, sporting activities are easily played, and games won. Just like the real thing, your fake lawn is perfectly safe to touch and walk on, even barefoot. Just like the real thing… except much better when you consider it can be used in places that would otherwise be grass-free!

Faking it is also a viable option for homeowners that have busy and hectic lives with very little time to spare for mowing the lawn and gardening as a whole. Without the need for labour intensive maintenance and the addition of a few pot plants, it can really transform a small outdoor yard or even a conservatory and give the feeling of being out in the great outdoors.

Urban gardens, playgrounds and even rooftops of inner-cities and beyond will never be the same again with the addition of some fake grass and some imagination!


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