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Tips For Buying Timber Supplies

Woodworking is a satisfying hobby made even more edifying because there is something to show for the efforts. Whether big projects such as building a deck or a new corner hutch are on the list or installing new hardwood flooring is in order, there is one thing all of these jobs require: timber.


With so many companies providing timber supplies in Melbourne, it seems like the task of buying wood should be easier. It never is. Even for master carpenters, finding the right species of wood that demonstrates the strength, durability, and characteristic qualities to the natural coloration is tough.

Find the right meter of timber, and it turns out it has a knot in all the wrong places, which would disrupt the project more than anything else. Worse yet, pulling out a board at the timber yard just to find out it is bowed or cupped plain stinks.

It happens to everyone. Though, the first point to mention is that when there are unusual species of wood required to complete an involved, and heavy duty project, call the timber yards first. They may or may not have the variety of wood and amount of it that you need to fulfill the job. The stock is always changing at timber yards.

The other important note is that it helps to visit a few timber yards first because they may not all be excited to see an individual looking to occupy their shift at the yard while you need them to hold your hand sifting through piles of cut wood.

Be respectful of their time, and make sure to be gentle on the timber, and always put back anything that you take out, just the way you found it. Those are just some etiquette tips that will go a long way to providing a positive experience.

Beyond species, look for the country or region where the wood was cut. Australia has some excellent hardwood options that are favorites for a reason. Buy local to save on fuel costs and to be kind to the environment. Kiln dried wood is often preferred over air dried because it will stand up to mother nature better, as it will be less likely to take in moisture.

To help out the evaluation process and reduce blemishes, such as knots, choose wood that has a high grade. Do the math and check it twice on quantities, and go local when you can to find the right species of wood.


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