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How To Prepare Your Room For Decorating

Preparing your room for decorating depends mainly on what kind of decorating you plan to do. Redecorating your room may be as simple as cleaning it up and getting rid of stuff you dont really need. Most of the time, some rearranging may go a long way. But if you want a completely new look, repainting the room will do the trick. If you wish to paint your ceiling and walls, here are the things you need to do:

Clean the Room If your room (or house) is newly constructed and youre painting it for the first time, preparation entails getting rid of all the dust and dirt that came from all the hammering and sawing. Dust down and wipe all surfaces. Wash the walls down with soap and water. Let them dry thoroughly. Use sugar soap for a better finish - it's what all professional painters use.

If you are repainting an old room, the first thing to do is to take everything out before cleaning and painting. You dont want your stuff to have paint splatter all over them. Plus, they can be in the way and make things harder for you. For furniture that is bolted to the floor or walls, just cover them properly.

Preparing to Paint You need the proper materials for your painting project. Make sure you have everything you need before you start to paint your room. You dont want to stop in the middle of the task just to buy this or that. The necessities aside from the paint and paintbrushes are paint scraper and sandpaper (if you are repainting), wood or cement putty, putty knife, painters tape, drop cloth, paint roller, paint tray, and primer.

Old chipping paint should be scraped then the wall sanded. Afterwards you need to clean the whole room. Putty is applied to cracks and holes then sanded to make the surface flat and smooth. Use painters tape on moldings, door frames, and other things you dont want to get paint on. Apply primer, let it dry then start painting with your chosen colour.

Now that youre done painting (or repainting) your room, what should be your next step in decorating it. A freshly painted wall looks good but if you want it to look great, add some finishing touches like paintings, photo frames, and floating bookshelves. These are just a few things that you can do to dress up your wall. Prepare your wall art by getting the measurements and using the right materials like a drill. If youre making a wall gallery, lay your frames on the floor first to get an idea what it would look like when they are on the wall. The important thing is to think and plan before jumping into your decorating project.

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. Best of luck with your painting job.


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