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How To Clear Sewer Lines

When you have your own home, it means that you have to clean your sewer line periodically. It is an issue that all homeowners face every once in a while since everything ends up down your sewer line whenever you use your drains and toilet. A clogged sewer line can result in extensive damage to your sewer line as well as to your home. It is undeniable that sewer line cleaning is a dirty job, but somebody must do it. Find out a lot of suggestions and tricks regarding sewer line cleaning, essential maintenance, and prevention practices.

1. Only Utilize Flushable Materials

One excellent way of preventing clogs is by utilizing the equipment the right way. It consists of only throwing flushable items safe to your sewer lines. Never flush down the toilet your childrens toys or push toilet paper down the drain. When you purchase such items, youll see it on their labels if they can be flushed down the sewer. It also includes wet or medicated wipes. Some of these items will eventually dissolve while others dont. Hence, it is imperative to read labels prior to using them.

2. Start in your Home

Prior to starting your sewer line cleaning project, you must start at the most visible source: your home. At this point, it is no longer necessary to dig up your pipe or call an expert plumber. However, it might be necessary if you are facing raw sewage on top of your homes lawn. If you have a clogged toilet and the sink does not also drain, look no further than your pipe. The majority of clogs are in the pipes crook, and this is where you must begin your sewer line cleaning efforts.

3. Cleaning with Chemicals

You can have an easy or a hard time with sewer line cleaning. It can be easier for you to do this troublesome task when you utilize chemicals. You can choose from several chemicals and determine whats best for your home. One of the most commonly used is a chemical product that expands as foam. You pour the chemical down your drain and then it starts to foam up and expand. The pressure from the expanding foam does not only push clogs and debris further down the line, but it also manages to dissolve specific materials. Other chemical compounds are the pure liquid ones that have no expansion properties. These chemicals are effective at eating away biological waste and is an excellent choice at clearing clogs down your sewer line.

4. Mechanical Cleaning

In contrast to the abovementioned sewer line cleaning techniques, this one is a little complicated. It typically indicates theres a severe blockage and requires more help than what a cleaning chemical agent can typically extend. You usually use a drain snake to go down your drain. This tool got its name because it is lengthy and snakes its way down the pipe because of its flexible nature. A drain snake can either be a manual or electric-powered tool with an accompanying engine. The drain snake removes debris from within your sewer line in an attempt to remove the clog.


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