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Golden Space Saving Tips For Small Kitchens

You may not realize why your mother kept insisting that you put kitchen items in their proper place until you move to your own apartment. Moving to a smaller apartment can also mean a smaller kitchen. And, you may have no other choice but to make the most of the kitchen space you have. Here are a few tips on how to maximize the space.

  1. Put away small and unused appliances. How often do you use your sandwich maker, waffle maker, or blender? If you do not use them every day, then store them away, if not get rid of them. You can store them in a large cabinet until you have to use them again.

  2. Make use of empty walls. Instead of storing cooking utensils with handles in the cabinet, use wall hooks to hang them. Sturdy wall shelves are ideal for storing glasses, cups, and dishes that you use daily.

  3. Make use of the space under the sink. The space under the sink may be overlooked because of the plumbing parts getting in the way, but it can be a good place to store your cleaning supplies.

  4. Store seating. Given that your kitchen has space for an island, choose seating that is low to ground. Stools, for instance, can be stored underneath the island, and they can be easily pulled out when you need them.

  5. Get a large cutting board. One thing that you may have to do daily is chopping or slicing. A small cutting board may be relatively cheaper than a large one, but if you are looking to save space, then consider investing in a large board. You can use it as a countertop surface, and after using it, all you need to do is scrub it down you do not have to deal with a cumbersome cutting board that tends to occupy half your sink.

  6. Separate pantry supplies according to how often you use them. What are the supplies you use every day? Most likely, you use sugar, coffee, and cereal every day, so you need them within reach. On the other hand, supplies that you occasionally use such as those for specialty dishes can be stored in another room.

  7. Use replacement kitchen doors with baskets and hooks on the reverse to store items on the back of the door itself.

To sum up, maximizing your small kitchen space requires you to make use of empty spaces however small they may be and knowing which items you use every day.


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