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Essential Tips To Best Buy Air Filters

With the market flooding with air purifiers in different price ranges, sizes, and working mechanisms, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. As a buyer you need to be informed with your purchases and see to it that nobody cons you for your money and what it’s worth.

Here are some valuable tips that can help you determine the best buy air filters for yourself the next time you decide to shop for one.   

Make Sure that it’s a genuine HEPA filter

Some air cleaner manufacturers these days are boasting a HEPA label on their machine when it is not evenly remotely close to the efficiency levels of the genuine artifact.

It is without doubt that the most highly regarded and trustworthy manufacturers and cleaner brands have the ability to deploy the HEPA technology into their products. Anyone selling a cheap HEPA air cleaner is probably against you breathing clean and allergen free air 99.97% of the time.

Skip the Ozone Generators

These devices are in no way a recommendation from the health regulatory authorities of any kind. A pure market gimmick to capture your attention and make you go WOW, they boast untrue facts to sell their products. An ozone generator creates a layer of ozone, which is a well known irritant to the lung, in the air you breathe. A definite “don’t buy,” .

Get those CADR values right

When it comes to a definite best buy air filters, as an informed buyer you need to look for those clean air delivery rate (CADR) values and get them spot on. The CADR provides you with the valuable information regarding the maximum coverage area for the device. A good baseline for determining a good buy are values from 10 to 450 for removal of smoke, 10 to 400 for dust particles and 25 to 450 when looking to remove pollens and other related allergens inside a room. Higher values depict how fast the machine works but not necessarily how through it is to clean the air effectively.

The appropriate size to choose from

The size of the air filter directly affects its effectiveness and your energy bills. It’s important that you are able to decide on what size of device you need and for what room. In order to get this right, it’s important that you decide the area of your house or dwelling that requires the treatment. Find the area in square feet of this room or office by multiplying the length and width together. Once you have the area calculated, you can then look affectively for products in the market which have the manufacturer’s recommendation mentioned on the labels.

Features to look for

It’s highly important that when deciding to best buy air filters you will be looking at features that make it stand out from the competition and make it a worthy purchase in the end. The special feature to look for include: handles for mobility, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicator (if any), digital and remote controls, air quality sensors, and programmable timers. All of these features are indeed an additional convenience that will provide you greater control over the device’s performance and operation.   


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