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Enlisting An Interior Designers Help

A person may want to have his or her residential or commercial interiors designed and decorated. The person may have an idea of what is desired, but he or she has no idea on where to get started. For design concerns, it is best to enlist the help of an interior design london firm, which employs interior designers who will guide the client through the entire design process.

The interior designer always has a plan to help the client avoid expensive mistakes like hiring incompetent contractors, colors that do not work with the entire color scheme, and too-large furniture. The interior designer will introduce to the client new solutions and ideas to the home or commercial establishment.

Consultation and Design Fees

The client and the interior designer have an initial meeting so that the designer can see the space and talk about the clients needs. The meeting gets ideas flowing and includes reviewing ideas with various color schemes and design styles. At the end of the meet, the designer should have an idea of what the client wants so that the final design can reflect the clients personality and style.

After the first consultation, the client and the designer discuss the fees, which can be an hourly fee or a flat fee (one-time design fee). The designer usually requests a retainer before the project goes ahead.

Measurements and Spatial Planning

After the client accepts the designers proposal, the designer comes back to take measurements and also evaluates existing furnishings and conditions. After that, a space plan is then proposed and discussed to address the clients needs. The spaces function is then explored and coordinated with other areas for the spaces best and functional use.

Concept Presentation and Estimate/Budget

The design scheme is then presented. The presentation includes design elements supported by sketches, images, magazine shots, and finishing samples like cabinetry, countertops, flooring, window and wall treatments, hardware, and lighting. The budget is also brought up together with the concept presentation.

Once the items are agreed on, the project moves ahead with the buying of the materials and following up on lead times, tracking, coordinating with contractors, and deliveries.

Project Management and Installation

Based on the size and scope of the interior design project, contractors are always needed. The interior design team may have its own project manager or hires an external project manager. Nevertheless, the project manager conducts onsite visits and ensures the quality maintenance and design fulfillment.

After the construction phase, the next phase is the installation of fixtures and accessories. The accessories installation and actual furniture placement are overseen to ensure the right location of the accessories.


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