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5 Essentials For Your Next Conservatory

Once you've owned your first conservatory, it will become an essential item for every home you own.

First time round there will be things that you may not have thought of, so for all those newbies out there, here are five golden tips for your next or first conservatory.

  1. Use a Steel Base For Your Conservatory Foundation
  2. The foundation of any construction is the most important part. Building a solid foundation will enable the construction to last a long time and be of the high quality that you expect. For conservatories the steel base system is a high quality system that is strong, robust and superior in installation speed compared to a traditional foundation. If you are building your conservatory in the winter, or you don't want to rely on builders and bricklayers, then a steel base it right for you.

    People were originally sceptical about the strength of a steel base, but now that enough data has been produced, and they have stood the test of time, many now realise that they are the foundation of choice for DIY conservatories.

    Our Advice : Go for a steel base, saving you time and money.

  3. Have a Dwarf Wall System
  4. Your finished conservatory will be like many rooms in your house. You'll want to have electrical equipment and fixtures and fittings throughout. So opt for a modular wall system that fits directly onto your steel base. Modern modular wall system have an insulation gap between the construction for cabling to facilitate the addition of sockets and additional fixtures and fittings.

    There once was a concern that it would not look real, but with modern brick faced fittings, the exterior can be made to match the brickwork of your home. The system is modular and a natural addition to the steel base.

  5. Lots of openers
  6. If you have a window you'll want to open it. Many people opt for two or three opening windows in their conservatory. Mainly to save money. This is really a false economy. Depending on the size of your conservatory, we recommend six or more openers. The simple guide is that you should have between 25% and 40% of your windows as openers, not including your doors.

    For small conservatories with just a few window panels, then start with at least 2 openers.

  7. Underfloor Heating
  8. Your conservatory will get cold in the winter. The real benefit that you will experience from your conservatory is when you get to use it fully, all year around. There are many options on heating, electric panel heaters, extending your central heating system.

    But underfloor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat an area.

    Our Advice : Plan to install underfloor heating in your conservatory.

  9. Heat Shield Roofing

If your conservatory faces west, south west or south then it will be really hot in the summer. Really hot mean in excess of 90 degrees for much of the day when the sun is shining. That means it will be unbearable for the majority of people. To combat this, opt for a heat shield roof. You can have this in either glass or polycarbonate, but both options will do a great job of keeping your conservatory cooler in the summer. And to increase the ventilation, you'll have lots of windows to open.

Think carefully about your next conservatory, and you will enjoy every part of it for many years to come.


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